ONZE SHOP x XVI Shirt / Longsleeve


We have always been a brand that emphasizes and supports local culture and efforts. Onze Shop is the best tattoo shop in the Mijnstreek Oost area (and not just here), hands down! It was long overdue that we did something together in some way. When Vincent came up with the perfect design in his awesome style, there was no doubt that we finally had a reason to do this shirt together. Tattoo art in a Mijnstreek Oost style. We're proud to be colaborating in this project.

Classic fit, 100% cotton


  • S - Shirt Sold Out
  • S - Longsleeve Sold Out
  • M - Shirt - last one
  • M - Longsleeve Sold Out
  • L - Shirt
  • L - Longsleeve Sold Out
  • XL - Shirt - last one
  • XL - Longsleeve - last one
  • XXL - Shirt - last one
  • XXL - Longsleeve - last one